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Tips To Healing Gardens

Whether tending to a houseplant, growing some flowers, or turning an outdoor garden space into a serene and relaxing retreat, plants have the power to heal our body and our soul. The National Garden Bureau has provided some examples on how we might use plants for healing, as well as their past and present use. This is not a new practice, going back millennia.

Chinese were using medicinal herbs for healing as early as 3000 BCE (before the Christian era). Later, the Greeks built a temple for their god of healing, Aesclepius, surrounded by healing gardens. In America, the Quakers were among the first to grow plants for relaxation, restoration of the soul, and to stimulate creativity. They established one of the first therapeutic programs in this country in 1879 at the Philadelphia Friends Hospital. Stimulating this was the observation by a physician that psychiatric patients tending fields and flower gardens at the hospital were calmer. The gardens had a “curative” effect on them.

After a few recent decades of relying primarily on drugs, medical institutions have begun incorporating more views of green spaces, flowerbeds, and garden views around their facilities. Some rehabilitative institutions utilize gardens and horticulture therapy programs as part of their patient treatment.

An excellent example of a healing garden I had the fortune to tour is the Rosecrance Healing Garden at their Rockford, Illinois campus for adolescents, which has a several acre world-class Japanese garden. The ordered and relaxing principles of the garden are incorporated into life analogies, exercise, group therapy, and a place for contemplation. Its value is seen in quotes of its clients. “Whenever I feel weak in recovery, I look out at the garden and I realize that I couldn’t enjoy all the beauty of the world under the influence. It reminds me of how much I want recovery.” Another quote from a client could apply to most any peaceful garden setting. “The Serenity Garden helps me relax when under stress because it helps me reflect on the simple things in life.”

Healing gardens can be found at many other institutions, such as in Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Portland. Doctors at the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida found that cardiology patients in rehab, who had a view of their healing garden from their rooms, took less pain medication and had shorter hospitals stays than those without such a view.

Whether a serious illness such as a stroke or cancer, gardens can be an important part of healing by providing hope and inspiration. Hope in Bloom ( is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that installs free gardens at the homes of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, as well as for other cancer patients. Each garden is specifically designed for the home and lifestyle of the recipient. It gives them a tranquil oasis from the world of doctors, hospitals, sickness and despair.

Gardens and gardening activity can improve mental outlook and our emotional mood by reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that gardening, even garden visits, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease. Researchers at the Cleveland Botanical Garden found that blood pressure of many visitors dropped the longer they stayed in the gardens.

Just as the healing process takes time, so does the design and development of a healing garden. Here are some ideas to get your started.
– Healing gardens can, and should, fulfill individual needs and desires, but they always provide interaction with nature. This natural appeal to our senses may take the form of the touch of a velvety leaf, the color of a flower, the scent of herbs, the sounds of water or leaves in the wind, or the taste of vegetables.
– Consider water for relaxation, or the attraction of wildlife (such as birds and butterflies).
– A healing garden can begin with, or be as simple as, a container of colorful flowers, a potted flowering plant, an outdoors container in summer with a vegetable such as lettuce or dwarf tomato, or a pot of herbs on a sunny windowsill. Simple gardens with just a few different plants and hardscape elements, repeated or used in mass, often are more calming than complex gardens.
– Healing can be more than just observing, incorporating the experience of the gardening process. Maintenance such as watering and repotting, to watching the growth process from seed to flowering plant, provide a sense of accomplishment and well-being.
– Whether indoors or out, make sure when choosing plants to find ones suited for their new environment to ensure success. Light need is perhaps the key factor indoors and out.
– Outdoors, include a gentle path, a place to sit, and shrubs or fencing to provide enclosure. A special plant, sculpture, water fountain, even interesting rocks can provide a focal point for meditation and relaxation.

Make Your Garden Stay Green With Garden Watering Kent

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Tips to Choosing A Garden That Is Perfect For You

If you are considering beginning a garden, the primary issue you would like to consider is what style of garden you’ll have. There area unit many alternative choices and infrequently it are often laborious to choose only 1, however hopefully you’ll be able to narrow it down. however by narrowing it down, you may build the horticulture experience easier on yourself and also the plants. If all of your plants area unit similar, then it should not be terribly laborious to worry for all. thus here area unit some of the most garden ideas for you to settle on from. If you are simply yearning for one thing to seem nice in your yard, you’ll want a garden. These area unit typically stuffed with perennial flower. Perennial flowers area unit flowers that keep healthy year-around. They’re asically weeds thanks to their strength, solely pretty. Different areas and climates have totally different flowers that area unit thought-about perennials. If you are doing a fast net seek for your space, you’ll be able to in all probability realize a list of flowers which will bring your garden to life. These typically only need add the planting stage – at the moment, the flower watch out of themselves. the sole draw back to the present is that you simply do not have any product to point out for it. Another alternative for your garden is to possess a vegetable patch. These usually need slightly additional work and analysis than a garden, but can be rather more satisfying. in spite of what time of the year it’s, you can usually realize one vegetable that’s still palmy. That means you’ll be able to have your garden be providing you with manufacture nearly a day of the year! once starting a vegetable patch, you must build it with the thought in mind that you are going to be adding additional varieties of veggies in later. this can facilitate your expandability. Once all of your current crops area unit out of season, you won’t be cursed nearly obscurity to place the new crops. A vegetable garden is right for somebody WHO needs some manufacture, however does not wish to devote each waking hour to perfecting their garden (see below.) One of the tougher varieties of gardens to manage could be a fruit garden. It’s undoubtedly the foremost high-maintenance. once growing fruits, many more pests are going to be attracted because of the sweetness. You not solely ought to deal with having simply the proper dirt and chemical, you have got to contend with choosing a chemical that will not kill whoever chuck the fruits. Your fruit garden can in all probability not manufacture year-around. The soil has to be simply ight for the plants to grow, and putting in place another crop throughout its off-season can be unfortunate to its growth method. If you are willing to put legion work into maintaining a garden, then a fruit garden can be a good choice for you. So currently that I’ve made public a number of the most garden sorts that individuals choose, I hope you’ll be able to build a decent call. Basically, the garden kind comes right down to what reasonably product you would like, and the way abundant work you would like to put into it. If you are looking for no product with no work, go with a flower garden. If you would like legion delicious product, however you’re willing to pay hours in your garden daily, then opt for a fruit garden. Just make sure you do not get into one thing you cannot handle!

Let’s Attract Butterflies With Flowering Plants

In this article, I want to talk about plants, but not all kinds. I want to mention some in particular that every outdoor lover enjoys. These plants bring about not only beauty but also a sincere meaning behind them. They come in different types and in an array colors. I’m talking about the ones that attract butterflies to them. Truly, flowering plants and butterflies are made for each other. In order to attract butterflies to your garden, you need to know exactly what they look for nectar. Plant annual blooming plants amongst your perennial blooming plants to ensure continuous nectar throughout the year. Asters and Parsley are two of the perennials that provide food for the larval hosts. Remember that the more food you provide, the more species of butterfly that you will attract. Plant a garden that will provide continuous bloom as butterflies are active from spring to fall. Additionally, they like sunny open spaces, shelter from the wind, and freshwater. Specifically, they look for host plants to lay their eggs. Herbs are very attractive to butterflies because they provide a great environment for their eggs. The following are some of many flowering plants that are attractive to butterflies: Lilac: comes in seven different colors, but most of us are familiar with the lilac color. They are perfect for your garden due to their pleasant fragrance. Most lilacs which bloom in the northern states for 2 weeks in late may. They also bloom in early- mid- and late season. They can grow from 5 to 15 feet. They need full sun exposure. Ironweed: is a late summer bloomer. Ironweed sends flower stalks up to 7 feet. It lasts well into the fall season. It provides nectar for the butterflies that mate in the later seasons. Some species can be used as edible leaf vegetables, such as Vernonia Calvoana, Vernonia Amygdalina, and Vernonia Colorata. Lastly, Ironweed is known to be a larval host for the American Painted Lady butterfly. Parsley: is the favorite food of black swallowtail caterpillars. It looks beautiful as a border in your flower bed or spilling out of a hanging planter. Parsley is a familiar herb that provides an attractive decoration and a special flavor and nutritious value to dishes. Coneflower: is easy to grow and provides masses of tall purple bloom. It is also known as a butterfly magnet for it’s wide variety of colors and prefer by gardeners for its beauty. Butterfly weed: is a must have in every garden. It tolerates dry soil well, is low maintenance, and has a beautiful flower that can be used as green foliage in your garden when it is not bloom. Sunflower: is alluring to butterflies, hummingbirds as well as songbirds. They are easy to grow as long as the soil is not soaked. They make an excellent cut flower. Citrus: are a common place for butterflies to lay their eggs. Popular citrus plants for butterflies include lemons, limes, and oranges. Dahlia: are big and beautiful shining plants in the garden. Joe-pye weed: are clusters of pink-purple blooms with a fragrance similar to vanilla. They bloom well into the fall season. Joe-pye weed look great in a cultivated flower bed.The entire plant can be used, including the root and fresh flower, for herbal tea. Pentas: are plants that have hairy green leaves and clusters of flowers. They come in many shades of white, red, pink, and purple. Pentas are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.