Inflatable Hot Tubs: the Next Generation in Portable Relaxation

Hot tubs are a great way to unwind at the end of a long day or escape from the cold with a few friends. They’re also known for improving circulation, lowering stress and promoting healing of sore, tired muscles. Though any number of people could benefit from the effects of a hot tub, the price and available space seem to be the main factors standing between would-be owners and the long, hot soaks they yearn for. Fortunately, the market has branched out quite a bit over the last few years, giving the masses more options than most people realize.

Portable spas pumps made their first appearances during the 1950’s, boasting the ability to transform any bathtub into its highly sought-after counterpart. As it turned out, they left a lot to be desired. A couple decades later, entire portable spas entered the scene, giving the public a satisfactory middle ground. Still, to this day, many people fail to realize they have alternatives to the norm.

Your average stationary hot tub could cost an average of $6,000 with the price surging with each extra feature you add to the mix. Since professional installation is required, and installation of a gas line is often needed for heat production, the overall expenses quickly mount. Portable hot tubs helped mitigate the overall cost by offering electricity-powered alternatives and eliminating the need for professional installation.

Inflatable versions are likewise now available, bringing an even more affordable portable to those who’d like all the advantages without the ensuing costs. Several manufacturers offer inflatable varieties with Intex being one of the more popular. Current owners mention the intex tub is fairly easy to set up and inflate and can be used outside or indoors. Water temperature is adjustable up to 104 degrees, and most reviews say the included electric heating system drives up water temperature at about two degrees per hour. Propane-fueled conversion kits are available.

Inflatable hot tubs give their owners all the benefits of stationary models at a much lower cost. They also offer more flexibility as they can be set up, deflated and moved at will. Though these alternatives may not come with built-in entertainment systems, color-changing LED lights and smartphone and wifi connectivity like some of their higher-end brethren, they serve their purposes well.