Organization Ideas for Outdoor Events

Whether it is an employee barbecue, a summer wedding reception, a family reunion, or a family event put on by a support agency, outdoor events can be difficult to organize. Coordinating colors, assigning tables, and placing name cards can take a lot of time and effort. Once people begin to get up and mingle, finding their way back to the right table can be challenging. A few simple ideas can help organizers maintain order among chaos. Balloons with the table number on them can be tied to the back of chairs. People only have to remember the number of their table to easily return to their seats. Colored votive candles on the tables can be a clue and also add light as the sun begins to set.

Different color tablecloths can be another way to distinguish seating. It will also add fun to the decorations. Another way to help people find their tables is to provide colored Stubby holders that match the tablecloths. The holders can be printed with the company or agency name; the name of the bride and groom, along with the date can be printed in elegant fonts; or the family name can accompany those for a reunion. Drinks will remain cold, condensation will be contained, and people can find the right table, even after a few beers. The holders will also serve as a fond reminder of the event long after the summer is over. Items are cost-effective, can be printed quickly, and ordered online for convenience. There are also designers who will create a logo, image, or graphic design appropriate to the event at no additional cost.

Other items available include cups and plates, centerpieces, napkins, bibs, party favors, and signage. A wedding that is taking place in a venue that hosts multiple events at once can confuse guests. Organizers can have custom signs designed and printed to direct people to the correct ceremony or reception. There are a multitude of items, ideas, and products to help make any outdoor event a success. Staff are available to help with selection, answer any questions, and make suggestions regarding items. Providing guests, visitors, employees, or volunteers with something to take home will make the event special.