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What Are The Advantages of Using a Retractable Awning?

Even though there are several kinds, styles, and varieties of awnings, it can’t be denied that the retractable variant is the most popular. The reason for its popularity is because it is very flexible and modern. And while it is unique from other awnings, it actually has the same function of providing shade to specific parts of the house, including the deck and patio.

As the term suggests, a retractable awning is different because it won’t become much of an annoyance or clutter because if the sun is out, it can be retracted and kept at a low profile. Read some of the most outstanding benefits and reasons why you should choose this awning.

1 – Offers both weather and sun protection.

First, you should know that a retractable awning does more than just provide shade if you want to have an additional space outside. Considering that the slope is flexible and that the attachment can be adjusted and retracted according through length, it means you can modify and configure it to protect you not just from the sun but also from wind, rain, and other weather elements.

2 – It helps save energy.

When you’re using a retractable awning, you’re in a way helping yourself cut energy costs because the temperature inside your home will be substantially lowered because sunlight couldn’t find its way inside. In this case, a lower temperature inside usually means that you don’t have to rely heavily on the air conditioning.

3 – This type of awning is stylish.

Style is another notable benefit of a retractable awning. As a matter of fact, this variant is so versatile that you can even ask for yours to be custom-made according to your home’s style or theme.

4 – They’re made of different materials.

Even better news about retractable awnings is that you have the luxury to choose from a variety of materials over which yours will be made from. The options include plastic, simple fabric, canvas, and aluminum.

5 – Choose one that is either automatic or manual.

With the constant innovation in building and construction, it shouldn’t be surprising if awnings are able to integrate some of those innovations. One of those conveniences brought by technology is utilizing a motorized system to retract the awning. The same motor will not just retract but also fully extend the awning. But if you want to keep it simple, manually retracted awnings are also available in different systems, including that of hand cranks, pull string retraction, or removable hand braces.

So the moment you decide it is time to buy and have a new set of awnings, you must consider the retractable variety, considering all those notable benefits.